The great flavors made me a raving fan... James S


Tiger Cry Steak

A succulent 12 oz. New York Strip cooked to order. The steak is cut into bite size, served with sauteed veggies and our signature Tiger-Cry sauce

Evil Jungle Prince

Sushi grade Tilapia (Izumi Dai) Pan-seared to perfection. Served with fresh sauteed veggies and topped with our creamy coconut-curry peanut sauce

Ocean Deep Clay Pot

Sea food lovers rejoice! In this dish we have shrimp, scallops and red snapper slow cooked with veggies, basil and a light curry in a exotic clay pot

Lemon Butter Fish

Fresh seasoned Izumi Dai (Japanese sushi grade tilapia) Pan-seared and topped with buerre blanc sauce. Served with fresh sauteed veggies

The Prince Of Thais

Pan-seared sashimi grade salmon and asparagus. Topped with shiitake mushrooms, lump crab meat and a creamy coconut-crimson curry