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Nam Tah Dear

December 17, 2012Creating a different type of Sushi Experience

Rock San the restaurant of Chef Rocky Niravong has been serving San Antonio since 2007.¬† Rocky draws upon his experiences abroad from Southeast Asia and classical training from home, sushi bars and his previous two restaurants in Texas to create …

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December 17, 2012Rock San gets an image makeover

Rock San its proud to announce the launch of its new website, that together with an updated logo and a new menu, completed a full brand realignment. These branding efforts, spearheaded by Legacy79, were designed to provide a holistic view …

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November 23, 2012Sushi as Art Form

Sushi was invented thousands of years ago in¬†Southeast Asia as a way to preserve raw, cleaned fish. It was pressed between rice and salt by a heavy stone for a few weeks and then covered with a lighter material like …

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