The great flavors made me a raving fan... James S

Rock San Sushi

Fish Tacos (Express News Critic’ Choice)

Minced snapper sauteed with chili, lime dressing, onion and cilantro. Served in crispy taco shells,shredded lettuce, and mango salsa. It’s delicious!

Gyoza (6)

Sauteed pork Japanese dumplings. Served with seasoned soy sauce


Steamed Japanese soy beans lightly seasoned with sea salt

Garlic Edamame

Edamame sauteed with garlic, soy sauce and sesame

Summer Rolls (2)

Hearty Vermicelli, lettuce, carrots, chicken, shrimp and cilantro wrapped in rice paper. Served with Hoisin sauce and crumbled nuts

Thai Egg Rolls (4)

Crispy pork-filled deep fried spring rolls. Served with lettuce, cilantro and signature sweet and sour sauce for dipping


Shrimp, Octopus, cucumber and wakame in light sweet vinegar dressing

Chicken-Sate (6)

Sauteed marinated chicken on bamboo skewers. Served with our famous peanut sauce and fresh cucumber salad

Spicy Sesame Chicken

Breaded chicken breast glazed with sweet tangy sauce and roasted sesame

Yum Nuar

New York Strip cooked to medium rare, sliced and tossed with lime juice, chili, onion, cilantro and lemongrass. Served on crunchy lettuce leaf

Canto Salad

Bluefin tuna pan seared to rare, sliced thin then tossed with lime dressing, chili, onion, cilantro and jalapeno. Served on lettuce

Seaweed Salad

Seasoned seaweed salad with roasted sesame

Seaweed Salad With Tuna

Seasoned seaweed salad with roasted sesame and tuna sashime

Squid Salad

Seasoned cooked squid with seaweed and roasted sesame

Wasabi Tuna

Crushed wasabi peas and peppercorn rubbed Yellow fin tuna Pan-seared to rare. Served with jalapeno, cilantro, ponzu wasabi sauce

Seokham Papaya Salad (Seasonal)

Shredded young papaya seosoning with thai chilies, garlic, lime dressing and fish sauce. Served with cabbage and vermicelli

Yum Pla Muk

Blanch squid seasoning with Thai dressing, cilantro, onion, mintleaf chilies and glass noodles